Theodore B. Fernald

Department of Linguistics, Swarthmore College, Swarthmore, PA 19081
Phone: 610-328-8437 Fax: 610-328-7323


I am a semanticist with interests in the distinction between individual- and stage-level predicates, negative polarity items, generic sentences, definite and indefinite descriptions, and all things having to do with Navajo syntax and semantics.

Current Research

Online Navajo lexicon and grammar materials with example sentences and audio recordings:


Fall 2023

LING 035 Indigenous Languages of the Americas

At Navajo Technical University

NAV 620 Advanced Navajo Linguistics

Spring 2024

LING 030 Semantics

LING 061 Structure of Navajo

Navajo Linguistics Workshops

I am fortunate to teach in the summer workshops run by the Navajo Language Academy. Linguists, language teachers, and students join together  for three weeks of classes and collaborative research every summer at a  location on or near the Navajo reservation. Information about this year's workshop is available here.
Sunset at Dook'o'oosliid