NLA 2008 Fees and Financial Assistance

Fees: The instructional fee for the workshop is $300. However, NLA has a sliding scale. If you teach in a school, we ask that you ask your employer to support you at the workshop. However, if you cannot affort the instructional fee, do not let that keep you away! Request a fee waiver on the registration form, and make any contribution that you can. If you are able to pay the fee, it means the NLA will be able to pay a stipend to someone else who needs it.

Tuition is optional. The NLA issues a certificate of participation. If you need university credit, you can purchase it optionally at an additional cost. Unfortunately the NLA cannot provide financial assistance with this. UNM's tuition schedule is as follows:


Undergraduate = $99.99/hour

Graduate = $110.00/hour

*This is the credit that was offered at Tsalie last year.

Option 2: UNM CREDIT (tuition)

Undergraduate = $199.98/hour

Graduate = $220.00/hour

*UNM students will pay this for the two UNM classes

*Students who want to take this class FOR CREDIT

Housing: Housing for the workshop is available at UNM for $30/night. The accommodations are apartment style including 4 rooms (single) and a kitchenette. Only 4 people to a unit with one person per room.Limited financial assistance is available. (See the registration form)

Food: The dorms have kitchens that you can use. Many restaurants are available nearby.


Stipends: The NLA has some funds available to grant stipends of up to $100 per week. If you need a stipend in order to participate, please indicate this on the registration form.


Support the NLA: If you are able to make a contribution to the NLA or even pay a portion of the fees, it means the NLA will have money to give support another participant who needs it. Click here.